2013/14 Summer Transfer Window: Thoughts

It’s over. As the summer comes to a close, so does the transfer window and what a 2 months it has been. From the new world record signing from Real Madrid (obviously) to Arsene Wenger shocking the footballing world by actually spending money, this window has been spectacular. I will write about the biggest and most shocking transfers to have happened this year.

20130904-042243 AM.jpg

Finally it’s happened. The Gareth Bale saga that has annoyed virtually every football fan in the world was put to bed in the last 48 hours after he Joined Real Madrid from Spurs for a record fee of €100m (£86m) and was greeted by over 20 thousand Madrid fans at the Santiago Bernabéu where he was presented and spoke feeble Spanish and ended with the obvious ‘Hala Madrid!’ I personally think the move was at the wrong time in Bale’s career and should have stayed at Spurs or join United to prove himself in the Champions League again. There is no denying the Welshman’s talent, but I feel that he owns more than 1 great season to Spurs. The club that stuck with him when he was a hopeless left back who was never going to be worth more than £3m and then 6 years later, is worth more than Ronaldo. I still think he’s not worth more than Ronaldo. If we compare both of their times at their clubs, Ronaldo achieved much more in the same amount of time. When Ronaldo left United for Real Madrid in 2009, he had won 3 Premier League titles, the Champions League and the Ballon d’Or in 2008. He more than justified his £80m price tag at Real Madrid by scoring goals and winning La Liga in the 2011/12 season whereas Gareth Bale hasn’t had consecutive seasons which have been consistently good, also he’s only had one season in the Champions League which granted him recognition on the European stage, but I feel had he joined Manchester United or another team in the Champions League he could have proven himself again and then impress Real again.

20130909-010809 AM.jpg

Arguably this transfer was the biggest shock to everyone. Up to this point, this transfer window had been pretty disappointing as usual for Arsenal, only getting in Yaya Sanogo and Mathieu Flamini on frees. After a whole summer of being linked with the likes of Iker Casillas, Wayne Rooney, Juan Mata and how can we forget Gonzalo Higuain and Luis Gustavo deals that were apparently ‘done’ but ended with both going to Napoli and Wolfsburg all hope was lost of Wenger securing the signature of a big player untill the Frenchmen’s post-interview after a 1-0 win in the North London derby against Tottenham when he gave a devilish smirk and said in his ever so soothing French accent about a ‘transfer surprise’ which left us wondering who Arséne had in mind to bring to London. In the early hours of the 2nd of September aka Transfer Deadline Day Arsenal were again linked with a world-class player, this time in the form of German playmaker Mesut Özil. Everyone, even including Arsenal fans were a little skeptical about after a summer of trying and failing to secure a perused player’s signature countless times and Ozil seemed happy with life in the Spanish capital so it looked unlikely that Mesut would move from Real Madrid to Arsenal and it would seem that Arsenal would have had the worst summer transfer window in the Wenger era ever.

But in the early hours of the morning it was reported that Özil was having a medical whilst on international duty for Germany for Arsenal although the same was said about Luis Gustavo and Gonzalo Higuain and they both opted for other clubs. Also Özil was strongly linked with Manchester United aswell as Arsenal and with United in the same boat as Arsenal having only brought in 1 player prior to this, it would be the perfect marquee signing for David Moyes.

The deal was apparently done by 3pm and was going to be announced at 5pm. The clock struck 5 and nothing was reported about Özil joining Arsenal. 6pm came around and no news about the transfer. As the minutes ticked over, so did Arsenal fans’ patience with Arsené Wenger and his unwillingness to spend big bucks on players and there was a rise of Gunner supporters using the hashtag #WengerOut during last season and much of the summer transfer window. But at 10:20pm Arsenal said there was a huge announcement to be made in 10 minutes and sure enough around 10:28pm Özil was officially an Arsenal player. Bought for a club record fee of £42.4m it smashed the previous record held by Russian winger Andrei Arshavin after being bought by the North London club from Zenit for £15m. This also makes Özil the 2nd most expensive British transfer, Torres being 1st with his £50m move from Liverpool to Chelsea in 2009.

20130921-084624 am.jpg

Above is mesut Özil’s stats in the 2012/13 La Liga season aswell as strong points in his play.


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