Is Gareth Bale really worth £100 million?


Currently the most expensive player is C.Ronaldo who Real Madrid bought from Manchester United for a record fee of £80 million. Bale and Ronaldo are both left wingers and both have similar traits, they are very fast and agile and they both have a monstrous shot on them. Ronaldo was at United for 6 years and out of his 6 seasons at Old Trafford, he had 4 excellent seasons. He won the Premier League 3 times and won the Champions League and not to mention a Ballon D’or. After this, Real Madrid took notice of the best player in the world (at the time) and put in a world record bid in which Sir Alex couldn’t refuse. Even at Real Madrid he has excelled but is eyeing a move out of the Spanish capital and it has been widely speculated that he may return to Old Trafford even though this is unlikely, It would be nice to CR7 back in a red United shirt.

Now on to Gareth Bale. A player who really has only had 1 really good season and is now one of the best in the world? Not to me. I’m not denying his talent but I think he has to have a few consistent seasons before he can be mentioned with the likes of Ronaldo and certainly Messi. The same people who love Bale now, where the same people who loathed him and called him a cheater and a diver 2 seasons ago. Sure opinions can change but has Gareth changed? Even last season he was booked a numerous times for diving. And should Spurs sell him, how are they going to replace the virtually irreplaceable? I’ve been reading that Spurs are thinking of Argetine Javier Pastore but I’m not sure it’s possible for AVB to replace Bale. They’re not in the Champions League and what top end player wants to play in the Europa League as opposed to the Champions League? Had Spurs secured that 4th place maybe things would have panned out differently for Andre Villa Boas.

Now Real Madrid are in serious debt and they want to spend £100 million on Bale? Bit stupid of Fiorentino Perez don’t you think? Then again he did spend huge amounts of money on Ronaldo and Zidane and they’ve become Real Madrid legends.

Also how will new Real manager Carlo Ancelotti fit Bale into his 4-2-3-1 formation? Without Bale this how a normal team sheet will look like;

Now how is he going to fit into that? I can see huge problems with trying to field both Ronaldo and Bale on the same team. Who do you give more playing time? A player who has the potential to become the best player in the world, or a player who is one of the best in the world? Having said this, Carlos will most probably field young players, like he did at his time at London club Chelsea, so expect to see Isco and Varane play over people like Pepe and Di Maria.

And we have already seen Bale in the Champions League with Spurs and he preformed very well but Spurs weren’t serious contenders for the trophy. Whereas Real Madrid at least go through to the Semis.

Could Bale prove himself as £100 million player? The simple answer is no. Maybe after a couple of years but at the moment no player is worth that much money apart from Messi but if Messi ever becomes transfer listed, the amount of money he would be worth could buy N-Power league 1 teams.


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