Foreign Players in the Premier League: Are English Players Still Valued?


Premier League legends. Who do you think of? Thierry Henry? Eric Cantona? Dider Drogba? How many English players did you think of?
Ever since the formation of the Premier League in 1992, there has been a flood of foreign players coming to England, often overshadowing the English players. Only a handful of English players who can be deemed as ‘legends’ in the game such as Michael Owen, Steven Gerrard, Paul Scholes, Frank Lampard, Gary Lineker and of course Alan Shearer. When the first season of the Premier League started, there were only 11 foreign players now there is over 300.
Now this raises the question, are Englishmen still valued in the English top-level? Most managers want flair and skill in their team, which most English lack. This is evident by England’s performance in international competitions over the recent years. Another point is the when scouts go out; they mainly go to other countries because simply they’re most skillful. This is not to say that English players are not good, certainly last season there was a lot of good English performers such as Michael Carrick who was included in the PFA team of the year, so was teammate and Englishmen Rio Ferdinand.
In this year’s transfer window, out of the 78 players bought in the Premier League, only 15 are English. Also based on performance foreign players bring more to the table. When Stewart Downing was signed for Liverpool from Aston Villa for £20 million, big things were expected of him. He ended the season with ZERO GOALS AND ZERO ASSISTS. ZERO.ZILTCH.NADA.
Michu came to Swansea from 2 million. He scored 18 goals. Another example is Benteke, Villa bought him from Genk for 7 million and was 4th top scorer in the BPL. He was one of the Belgian players who made Belgium a known force in the Premier League.
For the next season United have brought young English talent Zaha who I hope will shine with the current champions. Another young player I’m hoping will preform is Raheem Sterling. I saw him play in a friendly the other day and looked very promising.


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