Has Money Taken Over Football?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Samir Nasri. Samuel Eto’o. Some of the names that come to mind when you think of players who have left their clubs in pursuit of more money. The main culprit of this crime is Eto’o. a player who has won the most prestigious trophy in European football, the Champions League 3 times, twice with Barcelona and once with Inter Milan. So why would a 30 year old, who was essentially in his prime, go from the Serie A one of the best leagues in the world, to a under developed unknown league in Russia? One word, Money.

You most probably know that he’s the highest paid footballer in the word but do you exactly know much he’s getting? Here’s a break down of his wages at Anzhi.

Per month – £1,458,333
Per week – £364,583
Per day – £52,083
Per hour – £2,170
Per minute – £36.16
Per second – £0.60

That’s right. In the time it took you to read that, Eto’o’s earned £1.80. He certainly doesn’t deserve to earn this kind of money, and in my opinion, no player does, not even Messi. Money dictates football and has a profound effect on the way the game is played in this day and age.


One thought on “Has Money Taken Over Football?

  1. They earn far too much, buy all means let them earn a lot but they don’t deserve more money than people who do more respectable jobs like doctors, paramedics etc

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