Welcome To My Blog! :)


Welcome to my blog. This blog will be about anything and everything about football, I Will post things from transfer rumours, player/team comparisons and other observations I’ve made. Let’s get some stuff out of the way.

Team(s) I support/admire: Manchester United, AC Milan, Real Madrid, Lyon and Bayern Munich.

Favorite current player: Sergio Aguero. He may play for one of the teams i absolutely despise, but there is no denying his talent on a football pitch. He can pass shoot and dribble, he can do the lot. Sergio can change the pace of a game at any given moment he chooses. Sure he didn’t play as good last season as he played in the 2011/12 season but even in the last campaign he showed glimpses of the player he was the season before. Also, He’s only 25 and still has a good 8-10 more years left. On a international level, of course he’ll always be shadowed by Leo Messi but has established himself as a frequent starter in most matches, as apposed to former Manchester City player Carlos Tevez.

Favorite all-time player: Thierry Henry. I know he’s still playing in the MLS but he’s 35 and most probably is going to retire in the next season or season after. Henry’s basically won everything.

Thierry Henry’s honors and silverware:

  • Ligue 1 (Monaco)
  • Trophée des champions (Monaco)
  • 2x Premier League (Arsenal)
  • 3x FA Cup (Arsenal)
  • 2x FA community shield (Arsenal)
  • 2x La Liga (Barca)
  • Copa Del Rey (Barca)
  • Supercopa de España (Barca)
  • Champions league (Barca)
  • UEFA Super Cup (Barca)
  • FIFA Club World Cup (Barca)
  • 1998 World Cup (France)
  • 2000 Euros (France)
  • 2003 Confederations Cup (France)

Also, do you remember the goals he scored for Arsenal? From the 60 yards runs he did to the back heel goal. The goal that comes to mind is the goal against Man United. When he gets the ball and flicks it up and hits it on the volley. That hurts me every time I see that.

Anyway I’ll be making new posts on the blog twice a week. I haven’t decided what days but i’ll keep you posted.


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